The National Center of Continuing Education (NCCE) is a governmental public institution that functions as a technical agency of the Ministry of Health from year 2008.  The NCCE has been supported by the "Professional Development System" project which was financed by the Swiss Government. During the first years of NCCE and the Ministry of Health of Albania developed the regulatory documents for the accreditation process of the CME activities and for the recertification of the health professionals based on which started the implementation of the Continuing Education System, which is a mandatory system. The recertification program is organized in 5-years cycles. The first cycle started in January 2010 and ends in December 2014.

The mission of NCCE is to manage and support the system of professional development for health care professional by developing and promoting quality standards in continuing education and to coordinate recertification programs to improve the quality of health care in Albania.

To fulfill its mission, the National Center of Continuing Education collaborates with all actors of the Albanian health system including governmental and non-governmental institutions, public and private academic institutions.

NCCE is a small organization which operates with 4 units: accreditation, monitoring, recertification and finance/ administration. These units work together to evaluate, accredit and monitor the continuing education activities provided by local providers and to coordinate the recertification program for the health professionals (doctors, dentists and pharmacists). 

The main services of the NCCE:

  • Coordinates the work and carry out the accreditation process for professional development programs, live and distance learning programs, excluding those which are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Science and its structures.
  • Manages the National Register of Recertification by entering data and producing individual and institutional reports (periodically and upon request).
  • Develops and promotes quality standards of continuing education activities.
  • Collaborates closely with providers of CME activities, health professionals and other interested actors in order to ensure the well functioning of the continuing education system.

Health professionals and their needs for continuing medical education are the center of the professional development system whose establishment is the main goal of the NCCE and Ministry of Health.

Location: Aleksandër Moisiu, No.80, Tirana, Albania

Phone / Fax: +355 42 452286

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