Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute


The Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute was appointed by virtue of the Order of the Minister of Environmental Protection on 1 April 1986. This was, in principle, a reactivation of the Institute, which was established in 1973 and in the following year, along with three other institutes: the Institute for Municipal Management, the Institute for Urban Development and Architecture and the Institute for Housing Management, it was incorporated into the newly established Institute for Environmental Development. The latter ended its activity when the Institute of Environmental Protection was reactivated. The subject and scope of the present Institute’s activity is determined by its statute, which has been approved on 26 January 1995 by the Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry. In 2010 granted the status of National Research Institute. The major activity area of the Institute is to develop scientific and technical basis for environmental protection and relevant national policies. The Institute of Environmental Protection is a ministerial/governmental institute, supervised by the Ministry of the Environment. The development of state policies at national and international levels provides the Institute a special place among various other research and development institutions involved in environmental protection. Special areas of activity such as integrated environmental studies contribute significantly to the integration of work carried out under other research fields.

The Institute is involved in the following research activity fields:

  • Development of the principles of Polish environmental policy and strategies, and participation in international activities
  • Integrated environmental studies, especially on environmental processes and effects of degradation with particular consideration of industrial contaminated sites
  • Air protection against pollution
  • Climate protection
  • Noise and vibrations control
  • Conservation of landscape and nature
  • Protection and restoration of biologically active land surface
  • Protection and renewal of water resources
  • Protection of the Baltic Sea and its coastal zone
  • Waste management
  • Environmental impact assessments of substances, products and installations
  • Integrated environmental monitoring

The Institute carries out research and application studies in accordance with its statutory scope of duties and tasks under the fields mentioned above.

The scope of research under the above fields includes:

  • Economic and legal basis for environmental protection, including Poland’s international cooperation
  • Standards, levels and indices of environmental quality and pollution emission
  • Environmental monitoring (assessment of the state of the environment and its changes)
  • Methods and systems used in documenting and projecting changes in the environment
  • Documentation and databases on protected areas; designing protected areas and their management plans
  • Measurement and analytical methods in environmental pollution
  • The principles, concepts and programmes used in environmental management
  • Environmental impact assessments of economic facilities and undertakings
  • Environmental impact assessments of substances, products and installations
  • Protection of the environment and nature resources in spatial planning
  • Methods and techniques used in environmental protection with the consideration of degraded land reclamation and evaluation of the effectiveness of protective measures
  • Integrated environmental monitoring (Integrated Monitoring Station "Puszcza Borecka" operating under GEMS and EMEP)

In addition the Institute is involved in:

  • International and national cooperation in the field of environmental protection
  • Environmental education
  • Granting technical approvals for facilities used in wastewater treatment and sewage sludge processing
  • Providing opinions on plant protection products intended for registration in Poland with regard to their environmental safety
  • Implementation and dissemination of the results of studies obtained at the Institute through its own publications, and by organising countrywide meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Bibliographic and informative activity.

The Institute manages two environmental monitoring stations:

  • Automatic Station for Measuring Air Pollution in Warsaw
  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring Station “Puszcza Borecka” in the Masurian Lake District.

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