2nd Informative Leaflet

One of the key milestones of the project was the completion of the vocational education qualification units for the new qualification of Healthcare Waste Manager. At the beginning of the project we, as a project team, agreed a first draft of the units list for the new qualification and this was then put out to consultation with key stakeholders in the different project partner member states and through our partner multiplier organisations.

The consultation process has lasted two or three months and involved the distribution of 1000’s of internal evaluation questionnaires though the professional networks, the project website and at the informative workshops. That process is now complete and the purpose of this summer edition of the project newsletter was to report the results of that process. It has been a difficult task balancing the interests and views of so many valid contributions from the industry and hopefully we have managed to get the balance right.

What we have ended up with are three distinct pathways which reflect differing roles in the healthcare waste management sector:

  1. Healthcare Waste Manager at a Healthcare Facility
  2. Healthcare Waste Manager at a Healthcare Waste Treatment Facility
  3. Healthcare Waste Manager at healthcare Waste Transport Operations

The final version of the agreed qualification, and qualification pathways, consists of a total of 27 units spanning a broad range of topics within the healthcare waste management sector. A full list of the units can be found by downloading the project’s second informative leaflet here.

At this point of the project we have completed the HCWM qualification and all associated training modules. These have been evaluated by evaluators from nine partner countries; UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Albania and Macedonia (FYROM).

Overall, the evaluators were very positive about the content and structure of the units and modules, however there were some suggestions made by the evaluators to improve the qualification and training modules. These comments from the evaluators will be incorporated into the units/modules, and leave us with the final version to input into the e-learning platform.

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