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ISWA Healthcare Waste Working Group

The ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste met in Casablanca, Morocco from the 16-18 October for the first Working Group Meeting to take place in North Africa, the event was kindly hosted by ATHISA Morocco. The Meeting was chaired by the new chair of the Working Group Anne Woolridge and attracted participants as far afield as Brazil and Nigeria.

The Meeting involved discussions on current projects and activities, with one of the key discussions being on the critical role that safe and effective Healthcare Waste Management plays in combating the current spread of Ebola. Highlights of the event involved a visit to the spectacular Great Mosque and a site-visit to the Centralised Medical Waste Facility of ATHISA.

The Working Group have recently finalised two publications:


ISWA Guidelines for Preparing Tenders for the Provision of Healthcare Waste Infrastructure

These tender guidelines have been prepared by the Working Group on Healthcare Waste to provide guidance to international organisations and local governments to provide neutral and fair specifications when preparing a tender for Healthcare waste projects.


ISWA Guidelines on Training Strategies for Healthcare Waste Management

A high awareness of risks and issues associated with healthcare waste and up to date knowledge on how to manage healthcare waste from the point of generation until final treatment and disposal is key for successful and sustainable healthcare waste management. This set of guidelines developed by the Working Group on Healthcare Waste provides advice on what is needed to implement effective training across the healthcare sector.

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