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Environment Agency - Waste Classification Changes

New European Regulations that change the way waste is classified and assessed start to come into force across the UK on 1 June. These changes affect anyone who produces waste, particular if their waste is likely to be hazardous.

What is changing?
Waste classification and assessment is based on chemical classification. Chemical legislation (CLP) is changing as Europe adopts the Globally Harmonised System of chemical classification. UK waste legislation is being amended to align with these changes.
The changes to waste classification and assessment include:

  • many small changes to the list of waste (also known as the EWC)
  • major changes to the assessment of hazardous properties used by the list to classify wastes like soil
  • the addition of a new criteria for persistent organic pollutant

These changes affect the way that assessment and classification must be done for 70% of waste codes. It may also result in a change to the current classification for some wastes: a few wastes may change from hazardous to non-hazardous, and vice versa.

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